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Organize Christmas Giveaway
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Digital Photo Recovery

An ideal gift for photo club members,
blog readers, photography enthusiasts
and experts alike!

Digital Photo Recovery is a popular solution, downloaded in millions of copies worldwide. It's normally sold at $24.95. You can use it to attract new visitors to your website or build loyalty with your existing clients.

Digital Photo Recovery
Digital Photo Recovery

How Does That Work?

From The User's Perspective...

You will direct your users to download the Digital Photo Recovery installer from our site (or yours if you wish), and instruct them to enter the Gift Code you specified. This will usually be your business name (in the example below, it's ACME RESORT PHOTO SAFARI).

Installing ACME Digital Photo Recovery

After entering the Gift Code and clicking Start button, the program will be installed and automatically activated with the valid license. Optionally, and at no extra charge, we can add your own custom cover page to the program, with an embedded link to your website, so that each time they run it, they will see who gave them the gift.

Digital Photo Recovery - Customized Mockup

A custom cover page with a link to your website, that users will see each time they run the program (optional free add-on). If you don't want a cover page, the program will simply display the default opening page (the one that you can see at the top of this web page).

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How Does That Work?

From Your Perspective...

1. You will have to decide what's the best way to give this gift to your followers. Obvious methods would include mailing lists, social media profile giveaways or simply a mention on your website.
You can just give it away freely or ask users to subscribe to your newsletter or blog feed or maybe like and share your post. You can even sell it as advertising merchandise or use it as a fundraising incentive for a project.
2. You'll have to choose a good Gift Code. This should be something that you wish your users to remember. Have in mind that they are likely to share this code with their friends and followers. The code should be something related and specific to your business or website. One example of a good Gift Code is actually your website URL.
3. (Optional) Design your cover page illustration and give us the website URL that you want it to link to.
4. Launch the giveaway when ready! By default, a Christmas giveaway should run from December 23, to January 6, next year, but we can set it up for any other seasonal giveaway period. Just let us know when you wish to launch and for how long.

How Much Will This Cost?

Order NOW and get a 50% discount!
(US)$1500 (US)$750

The regular price for Christmas Giveaway Licensing is (US)$1500. At the moment, it's available at a 50% discount. It's not a good idea to wait for the last moment. Firstly, you have to plan your launch, and secondly, with deadlines closing we'll have to lower the discount, and eventually offer it at the full price!

Buy NOW at $1500 $750

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