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ArtPlus EasyNoter

Personal Information Manager

(Windows 11 / 10)

Similar to paper notebooks, EasyNoter cover can carry an illustration, logo, promotional message, or even links to your websites.

Click Uncle Sam to Create YOUR Cover Illustration Mockup!

Upload only JPG files, smaller than 2MB!
Ideally, it should be 960x572 pixel dimension.
Other dimensions may be unproportionally resized!

Simple yet Powerful Organizer!

EasyNoter is a simple personal information manager that offers probably most of the functionality you'll ever need packed in stylish and most of all, user friendly interface. Not only does it look good, it's very practical and easy to use as a paper day timer. It will help you organize your notes and addresses, keep diary, or use built in reminder function.


Some of our users and demos...

We created a special version of EasyNoter for well known Internet portal! ZDNet's EasyNoter was released as a ZDNet Exclusive download. Thanks to Tauranga CityNews, New Zealand, customized version of EasyNoter was used by Tibetan Monks during their fund raising visit to New Zealand...

YouTube Presentation:

One of our Dearest Editions was Commissioned by Tony Dyson!

Tony Dyson

Tony Dyson, Star Wars R2-D2 creator, distributed EasyNoter as a gift to his website visitors. Unfortunately, Tony passed away on March 4, 2016 at his home on the Maltese island of Gozo.

Unless you're an alien from a galaxy far, far away, you surely know Star Wars R2-D2, most popular and beloved robot ever featured in a movie. Now it's time to meet his creator, Professor Tony Dyson! We created a special release of EasyNoter featuring Tony Dyson and R2-D2 on its covers. Inner pages include additional information about Tony's other achievements.

Tony Dyson's EasyNoter inner pages with information about his major projects.

Let us Build a Custom EasyNoter For You!

Subscription - Up to 1000 downloads / month

Basic setup fee - $300.
Subscription - $750/mo (three months minimum)
The basic package includes EasyNoter packed with your custom cover illustration and a website link, plus a unique code that your users will use to activate the program. Numbers of users will be tracked roughly through number of downloads and activations. If the number of users significantly exceeds the expected numbers, we'll warn you in a timely manner and offer to temporarily suspend the campaign or lease additional number of licenses.

You will will be allowed to give it away as a promotional gift

Contact us...

Extra services

We can add multiple links (map) to EasyNoter covers; Include your articles and illustrations within the EasyNoter sections (Notes, Address, Diary or Reminder); Display reminder pop-up on a set date; Set up a system that will broadcast YOUR ads to the program via The Internet; We can design all graphic elements for your campaign.

Contact us...

Agencies Welcome!

If your clients could benefit from promotional EasyNoter distribution or some mobile apps built around this concept, let us know! We offer VERY stimulative Partnership options!
Just send us a note about your interest and make sure to include the website link where we can learn more about your work. Our representative will get back to you shortly to discuss options.

Let's work together!

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